All Natural Stain Remover Bar

by BunchaFarmers


BunchaFarmers’ All Natural Stain Remover Bar is made with biodegradable ingredients and incredibly effective.

It utilises the grease-lifting abilities of saponified oils, the deodorising quality of litsea cubeba essential oil, the refreshing scent of lemon essential oil, and the water softening properties of borax to provide an effective non-toxic stain solution. It is free from artificial dyes and synthetic perfumes, and will not discolour clothes or fabrics.



Saponified coconut oil.
Saponified canola oil.
Saponified vegetable soya oil. Litsea cube essential oil.
Lemon essential oil.


Biodegradable paper box – compost or recycle.


Wet affected area with hot water and rub the stain remover bar into the stain. Wait a few minutes and then rinse or throw in your washing machine load.


All of our packaging is made with recycled material – from our boxes to our tape, and even our shipping labels. It's all biodegradable, compostable, & recyclable. 

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