About us

It can be difficult to find a clean product. A product that has no trace of toxins or potentially dangerous substances, doesn’t impact the planet, or cause harm to animals. We are always learning. And part of this was discovering that most of our tried and true products are not as safe as we thought they were.

Many manufacturers have a narrow focus. They rely on cost-cutting approaches that prioritize profits over everything else. They use environmentally harmful materials like plastic, create unsafe products containing toxins, and maintain poor working conditions. The vast majority of common household and personal care products have at least one of these downsides. As consumer behaviour shifts towards a more conscious approach, a new wave of misleading marketing has surfaced where companies try to sell their products as green, natural, and eco-friendly. In reality, many of these goods are misrepresented and do contain harmful chemicals or damage the environment. This extensive greenwashing makes it difficult to find an honest product.

New Day Home Supply is here to guide you through this often overwhelming world by sharing our research and offering what we feel are the best products available. We search for brands that share our ideals and assess products based on these key questions: Are they Vegan? Do they contain toxins? What is their impact on the environment? Are they ethically produced? Are they functional? Last and least important, what do they look like?

There is no such thing as a perfect product. Creating an item will inevitably have an impact. We offer the best we can find, but there will always be a trade-off. Location is also important. The less distance items have to travel the better. We aim to support suppliers that are close to our base in Toronto, Ontario.

We know striking a balance is tough, and the conscious product is not always the most convenient product. The journey towards a cleaner, safer, and more responsible lifestyle requires hard work. Our goal is to take on this work so you can feel comfortable with the purchases you make for your home.